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Training employees in the food industry

Achieve operational excellence with Projuice

If there is any field where hygiene and personal safety and absolutely crucial, it is the food industry.  This is an industry known for the abundance of strict protocols regarding hygiene, quality and safety. Projuice will help your organisation professionalise your trainings, matching initiatives for operational excellence. The result is an increase in your organisation’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Automatically track your employees’ skills

Projuice’s skills matrix provides you with real-time insight into your employees’ required skills and deployability. It shows you exactly what skills gaps there are, i.e. who is lacking a particular training or programme to be able to fill a certain position.

Train your food industry employees

Projuice’s system is extremely suitable for training food industry employees. For example, the system allows you to offer general trainings on the subject of HACCP, food defense and safety, as well as company- and workstation-specific trainings. Workstation trainings are formulated to demonstrably cover all most recent work instructions, procedures and quality standards.

Develop your own workstation trainings for the food industry

Projuice allows you to easily develop all sorts of training courses and programmes, including e-learnings, on-the-job trainings, Training Within Industry (TWI), or a different combination of training methods. We provide you with the tools to create your own professional training offering.

Safety, innovation and sustainability


Se trabalha com substâncias químicas, não quer deixar nada ao acaso. Portanto, é essencial que os seus funcionários saibam exatamente quais protocolos são aplicáveis e que tenha na sua empresa uma visão de quem já aprendeu o quê. Isso é possível com a Projuice.

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