Planning tool

Planning tool for onboarding

Get control over planning your training programmes

Imagine a situation in which existing and new employees start working at various workstations each year. All of them need to complete onboarding programmes for their particular workstations. These training programmes sometimes consist of dozens of elements that have to be completed in a set order. It’s all very complicated! Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that would enrol each employee for the right training at the right time? Luckily, we have good news: that tool exists!

Meet Projuice’s planning tool

Onboarding for specific workstations, training on-the-job and e-learnings, but also safety trainings, coaching programmes and traineeships. Schedule all training programmes for new and existing employees using our planning tool. Start an employee’s training process with the press of a button, ensuring that all trainings will be offered to them at exactly the right time.

Fully automated, custom development programme

The only thing you need to do beforehand, just once, design the training programme for each workstation, and then just assign employees to the relevant workstations. The tool will then automatically detect which trainings each employee has yet to complete to be allowed to work at the assigned workstation and will automatically schedule them. This means no more manual enrolment, saving you loads of time!

Personal e-learning environment for participants

Participants can go to their personal e-learning environment to see a comprehensive timeline listing when each training will take place, and when they will need to have completed them.

Supervisors have real-time insight into employees’ progress

Another advantage is the fact that supervisors get to track the planning and progress in real time. The clear interface allows them to see all relevant information at a glance, including:

  • Which programmes are lined up
  • Who has been assigned as trainer
  • Which programmes the employee has already completed
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