Work instructions

Work instructions and other quality management documents

Structured, demonstrable employee training

Most organisations have their fair share of quality management documents. We’ve encountered companies where employees had to familiarise themselves with over 200 documents, ranging from work instructions to fire safety regulations. As such, it can be an immense challenge to organise things so that the right documents are presented to the right employees in the right order. On top of that, you want to know exactly who has assimilated what information.

Regimented learning process

Want to create a regimented learning process regarding quality management documents? Projuice’s training software allows you to feature all relevant documents containing duties, standards and work instructions in a structured manner in your workstation trainings. This means that a comprehensive learning process containing all important documents is guaranteed.

Clever integration of quality management documents

In every training, Projuice will refer employees to the most recent versions of relevant documents. And thanks to our clever system, implementing changes in your quality standards is easy as pie.

Insight into employees‘ progress via skills matrix

Once an employee has completed a particular training, their skills matrix will be automatically updated to reflect this. Documents are linked to trainings, so that supervisors then have a clear overview of who has assimilated what knowledge.

Amaze your auditors

Projuice even enables you to report which documents feature in a training, and also the other way around, i.e. which trainings feature a particular document. This way, you are able to prove that all employees who have completed a particular workstation training have also familiarised themselves with the relevant documents.

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