Housing association

Professional staff training and knowledge sharing for housing associations

Create a strong, future-proof organisation filled with skilled, qualified staff

A smoothly running housing association requires staff that have a diverse range of skills and knowledge, from internal protocols to new legislation. Society expects your employees to be up to date on all relevant matters at all times.

Choose a single user-friendly system for all of your training needs

Thanks to the user-friendly Projuice training system, you’ll be able to professionalise anything and everything dealing with knowledge sharing, training, developing skills and improving deployability. This can range from knowledge obtained via external trainings, to learning how to work with internal protocols.

Projuice is here to help…

  • Project leaders
  • Helpdesk employees
  • Supervisors
  • Caretakers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Other staff

Real-time insight into employees’ progress

Projuice allows you to meticulously track all employees’ professional development and offers real-time insight in the current state of affairs via the skills matrix.

Chemical industry
Safety, innovation and sustainability

Chemical industry

When working with chemicals, you do not want to leave anything to chance. As such, it is essential that your employees know exactly what protocols are applicable, and to have insight into which employees are in possession of which knowledge. Projuice makes all of this possible!

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Personal and professional


Keep the skills levels of your healthcare professionals and all other staff high using Projuice. Our tools will automatically map out who needs additional training in what areas, and will even automatically enrol those staff members in the right programmes.

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Food industry
Safety, quality and performance

Food industry

If there is any field where hygiene and personal safety and absolutely crucial, it is the food industry. Projuice enables your organisation to ensure full and lasting compliance with all HACCP and food safety requirements.

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